See what we’re cooking


From the oven

Our old fashioned deck ovens cook pizzas the way they were meant to be!  A little slower but well worth it!


From the smoker

Using fresh Hickory on a Southern Pride smoker can’t be beat so that’s what we do!


From the grill

Craving an old diner style burger?  That’s how we like ’em too!

Most Popular Menu Items

We know you’re hungry, so take a look at some of these menu items. There’s something for everyone! Enjoy! For a full menu, click here.

The 16″ Around The World

By far the most popular item on the menu!  Beef, Sausage, Ham, Pepperoni, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, and Black Olive come together to make this 30 year old favorite!

The Stromboli

This oven baked sandwich goodness has been a staple to our menu from the beginning.  Order it with whatever toppings you like and make your own boli creation that you can call your own!

BBQ Sandwich

Pork or Chicken, either one is piled high on our diner style bun with pickle and onion if you like.

The Burgers!

Dressed any way you like, bursting with flavor, and on a toasted bun!  This old diner style classic hits the spot every time.  Go for the 1/2 lb. Double!

Smoked Chicken

Smoked fresh daily, the true hickory smoked chicken can’t be beat.  Golden brown outside and perfectly cooked pink on the inside as a true hickory smoked chicken should be.  Depending on your hunger meter, we sell them by the quarter, half, or whole.

Baby Back Ribs

Rubbed down with our own dry rub recipe, smoked for hours, and then sprinkled with what we like to call Stardust.

Famous Galaxy Pizza

There’s a reason our name has “Pizza” in it.  Just because we’ve added BBQ doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten what made us famous. Born a pizza place, always a pizza place.  Fresh toppings, great crust & our signature square slices make this pizza the perfect party food!



Boneless or Regular Bone In Wings.  Bathe your wings in your choice of 3 signature sauces.  Perfect for parties of all kinds!  Order 6,12,18,24, or more depending on your party size.


We make your salad fresh to order every time.  None of this holding stuff around business you get at other places.  With serval options like the grilled chicken, chef, or Italian, we can please just about any taste.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

What else can we say?  It is deep fried cheese!  Any questions?

Fresh Chips

Need to feed you or the masses?  Think of the fresh fried potato chips with any of our dipping sauces to fit the bill as a compliment to our burgers, wings, or any other party favorites.


Leave them plain with dipping sauce as a side, get them stuffed with any toppings you like for a meal, or we can deep fry them and roll them in cinnamon and sugar with cream cheese as a dessert “cinnabites”.

Smoked Bologna

Our Kentucky Round Steak is smoked for several hours, sliced thick, then grilled to a golden perfection on our flat top.  YUM YUM, that is all.

Not Just a Pizza Place...

Most everyone knows how great the food is at Galaxy. But did you know that you can get the same great food you know and love catered at your next event? Whether it's fifty or two hundred and fifty - Galaxy Pizza & BBQ has you covered! We even offer non-menu items to make your special occasion perfect. This makes us the perfect choice for your next wedding, party, or corporate training event.

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Swing by and get fed!

You’re hungry, admit it. Come on in and spend time with friends in the Hornets nest, or call in for a delivery order. We’ll see you soon!


Monday – Friday 10am – 9pm

Saturday 10am – 10pm

Sunday 11am – 9pm


Address Galaxy Pizza Vastwood

Phone (270) 927-8075


Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard delivery area is most of Hancock County and the surrounding area.

  • For Cannelton, we’ll come across the bridge, no problem!
  • Tell City – we can meet you at Wal Mart!
  • Cloverport? Let’s meet at Kraftcor Federal Credit Union
  • Are you in the South Hancock area? We will meet you at the Weber Store
There’s no minimum delivery order. Delivery charges are calculated by travel distance from the store
and simply cover the gas for our drivers.

Tipping your driver is appreciated!

If you can dream it up, and we can make it – we will. Want a 6-patty burger? We’ve done that before…
Absolutely! This has been a pretty well kept secret up until now. But we’re ready to tell the world! If you’ve got an event and need great food for lots of people, then look no further

Galaxy Pizza & BBQ is the best catering you can get!

If you’re ready to reserve the Hornet’s Nest for your next event or if you simply need more information, call 270-927-8075.
Sometimes you just happen to stumble upon a magic lamp with a genie inside; other times you have a group of hardworking people, great ingredients & awesome recipes. We’re not telling which route we took.